Last month I visited the Eduardo Dibós Coliseum in Lima and I had flashbacks of very good memories. I was taken back to the memory of ‘registration’ of hundreds of people in the Herbalife business. All who were extremely enthusiastic, even euphoric, taking photos everywhere, with bottles of tea and shakers. Maybe it was their first big event, maybe it was their first event with someone else, or maybe it was an event in a big city like it was for me that February 2012.

My flight departed at 01.50 am following the event to my next destination, Santiago de Chile. Since I was being taken to the airport, I arrived well in advance and went to the airport lounge where I always go before embarking on an international flight. I remember eating a few snacks and taking what I thought would be a healthy snack for the next day: an innocent, delicious and appetizing red apple.

Well. The people who belong to this sometimes misnamed “green sect” know the emotion that characterizes the days of the great events that I mention, and especially years ago, when the events were international in South America, since there were hundreds of people who you had not seen after a year (or years) and were huge meetings at the airport. I remember I was talking to a “green companion” when we were about to leave they stopped me, and someone ask me, do you have an apple in your bag? … and it was right then when the story began.

I answered “yes” and honestly, I never thought that having an innocent, delicious and appetizing red apple in my bag could have been so complicated. It had never happened to me. More than 5 years ago when this happened, my patience was ZERO. Well, that led me to quickly be taken to the police office as a criminal. That’s when I got scared and I was expecting to be handcuffed !!!

Apparently what I had committed was a crime, since I had not declared the transport of an organic good that could bring some kind of plague. And well, the fact of being Peruvian and coming in a flight full of euphoric herbal friends,  did not work either.

What I must admit is that if it had not been for the patience borrowed from my great friend and for good luck lawyer ‘herbalifo’ who was conveniently at the door when all this happened … I would probably have finished back in Lima, with no event and with a thousand dollar fine. That night I went to the party after the event and I was no longer known as Arallí but as “Apple girl”.

Well, just a tip here. Do not grab anything from the VIP lounge, hahaha, NO seriously, READ carefully the little paper with the lowercase letters that they give you for each country, as it could have important clauses.

On the other hand I wanted to take the opportunity to thank my herbal friends for such beautiful, challenging and unforgettable moments, I learned a lot from them. HERBALIFE’s personal growth school is unique, and at least I have not seen it anywhere else. To some of those who were in my group I see them from time to time, others not much, but I still remember sentences that they taught me, like: “For things to change, YOU have to change and for things to improve, YOU have to improve. ”

Successes to all! Some day you will see me back J

In my early days as an independent associate of Herbalife