But no, it was not what I expected. No one told me how intense this experience was going to be. I think they do not tell tourists not to scare them completely.

They picked me up from the hotel at 3.30 am, and as always, I slept on the bus, so I did not have fatigue problems. In the group there were some Argentines who were making a bit of noise (how weird !!) in the back so I sat in the front.

The buffet breakfast is included in the tour in the Canchis province.

The entrance for Peruvians is 5 soles and for foreigners 15 soles (5 US $).

We arrived at the entrance around 8.15am. The guide told us that we should reach the viewpoint at 10.15 (2 hours for 4 km), since at 12 we had to go back.

They asked me, ‘Miss, are you going to rent a horse? Noooo, never!! I said.’ Well, after that I thought about it 500 times. But since I am a woman of challenges, I did not do it.

While it is true that this is a relatively new destination, (it was opened by the community a couple of years ago), there are MANY TOURISTS.

Fifteen minutes passed and I asked the price to go on horseback: ’60 soles roundtrip señorita ‘. ‘No Ari’ I thought, ‘no no no … you will not get on a horse’. And I went ahead and although I ran out of air, without legs and without shoulders (because I did not have a backpack back then, I had gone with a hand bag), I arrived on two feet.

The climb is VERY HARD. Not because of the distance but because of the height. People who are not used to it and who have not gone through a period of acclimatization can be very shocked. Many people are more astute and opt for the horse obviously.

The videos are on the fanpage and the Instagram account: @viajaconari

But it is definitely an experience that I recommend, not only for the INCREDIBLE sight that you have when you reach the top, but for how you challenge yourself to be able to reach it.

And finally I arrived !!! The eternal rainbow: THE MOUNTAIN OF SEVEN COLORS !!!!!

Then the descent … One and a half hours more!

But then everything was as we the Peruvians say: ‘butter’ or ‘papaya’ meaning’ very easy’ (yeah right…ufff….)

Even so, I managed to take a beautiful photo with the Ausangate mountain (6384 meters) 😉

The most important thing that people always ask me … and how much does it cost?

Well, online you will see that it costs up to USD140 dollars. I found it at S / .70 soles (US $ 20) with breakfast and lunch buffet included and a super friendly guide. Do you want to know what operator it was? Well, like the fanpage of @viajaconari or watch the video on Instagram there is the explanation of the guide 😉

If you know someone in the photo … Do not  tag them! Unless it is one of the Argentines who was making noise 😉

Big hug to you all and safe travels!!

Ari ♥