Gloria started with her ‘Alistando equipaje’ blog in August last year. Her motivation? Give recommendations and travel tips. She has future plans to travel and to know more about Mexico and the world.

  1. Where and when was your last trip?

My last trip was to the Mayan Riviera last week (July 2017)

  1. How and at what age did your TRAVEL EXPERIENCE begin?

I always traveled with my family on vacation, but when I did it on my own was when I started working at the age  of 21.

  1. When you started to travel, what did you do?

I always liked to travel, and since I started to work, most of my savings were spent on traveling. I started traveling to Mexico beaches and then made other trips to other places in Mexico and abroad.

  1. How many languages ​​do you speak? Have you ever had difficulty communicating on a trip?

I speak 3 languages, Spanish, English and French. So far it has not been difficult to communicate on any trip.

  1. Would you change some of the trips you have made?

Definitely not, every trip has left me incredible memories and experiences that are part of my life and that I enjoy with just thinking about them.

  1. What do you ALWAYS carry in your suitcase?

My travel kit, which is a pink bag with all my personal care items, can never be missed.

  1. So far, what place has fascinated you?

The place that has me in love is Isla Holbox, in Quintana Roo Mexico, of all the places I have visited has become one of my favorites, for peace, tranquility and its paradisiac view.

  1. Would you consider that traveling has changed your life? If so, how?

Definitely, thanks to  traveling, today I dedicate my time to tell my experiences and visit places that undoubtedly make me feel alive.

  1. What is your next destination?

I still have not defined it, but in my bucket list is to visit La Paz, Baja California Sur in Mexico, a place that combines beach and desert.

  1. What would you recommend to a person who has not yet decided to travel?

They do not need to travel to an expensive place, the world offers us an incredible amount of places that have been there forever and waiting for us to be discovered, whether backpacking or pooling your savings, always a trip will be the best investment you can make in your life.