I am Laura Tellez, Colombian, I am 25 years old and I am the author of the blog “Viajes de un Cronopio”. (www.viajesdeuncronopio.com)

Traveler, writer, poet and lawyer. Passionate about travel and literature. Lover of nature and animals. I travel continuously since 2013 with my backpack on my back, before that date I did, but I began to do it with greater rigor from that year. I have traveled 10 countries so far, this year will come more, but the list does not stop in time and I hope to fulfill my dream of knowing all the sovereign countries of the world. I began to travel because I love the idea of ​​being in movement, of learning and acquiring knowledge knowing other cultures; I enjoy the challenge of traveling alone or accompanied, because for one or the other we must leave our comfort zone and I am always ready to cross that line; I travel because I discovered from girl that the borders do not exist and that life is much more than they were told it was; I travel because travel empowers me as a person and especially as a woman.

If you want to know more about me and my trips, follow me at IG @viajesdeuncronopio and at FB (https://www.facebook.com/ViajesdeunCronopio)

  1. Where and when was your last trip?

My last trip was two weeks ago to New Hampshire, a United States, known for its great mountains and colorful landscapes.

  1. How and at what age did your hobby of travel begin?

At the age of 20, I went to Chile for the first time, to volunteer in social work with children who are at social risk. I lived two months in Valdivia, a city located in the south of Chile. Undoubtedly it was the best experience of my life, I had the opportunity to know a lot about Chile and to soak up its culture, I returned home being another person, with more hunger for life inside me. From the flight back to Colombia I was already planning my next adventure: traveling with my backpack from Colombia to Bolivia, passing through Ecuador and Peru. Six months later I did.

You can read the post of my experience doing voluntary social work in Chile, here https://www.viajesdeuncronopio.com/trabajo-social-otra-forma-de-viajar/

  1. When you started traveling, what did you do?

That metamorphosis that occurred during the movement motivated me. To see me and to feel different, to understand that my world changed and that I could change the one of others also. The infinity of beautiful places that exist, the greatness of nature and everything that the universe has to offer us. Foreign culture. The anonymity. Life is short and if not now, when?

  1. How many languages ​​do you speak? Have you ever had difficulty communicating on a trip?

I speak English and Spanish. Communication has never been difficult for me. I believe that English is a universal language that allows you to move around the world.

  1. Would you change some of the trips you have made?

Absolutely nothing. Everything has been as it has had to be. Each trip has been a complete mastery in my life.

  1. What do you ALWAYS carry in your suitcase?

A notebook, a pencil, a book, a good coat and an empty heart ready to fill.

  1. So far, what place has fascinated you?

Alaska without thinking twice impacted me. I travel alone this year in January for my 25th birthday, I fulfilled one of my dreams, to see a Aurora Borealis, and I return with much more than that.

If you want to know more about my trip to Alaska I invite you to read the following posts: https://www.viajesdeuncronopio.com/viaja-a-alaska-con-chris-mccandless/, https://www.viajesdeuncronopio.com/ aurora-boreal-lo-necesitas-saber / and https://www.viajesdeuncronopio.com/7-cosas-fairbanks-alaska/

  1. Would you consider travel to have changed your life? If so, how?

Yes. Traveling has taught me a new vision of living, traveling has been a process of complete catharsis in my life, has purified me emotionally, spiritually and physically. I’m leaving and a different Laura always comes back. Traveling has taught me that the essence of life is in transformation, that makes us better people day by day. That helps us make war on our demons.

  1. What is your next destination?

In October I will take a long trip again, this time: Mexico and Europe (Spain, Portugal, France and Italy)

  1. What would you recommend to a person who has not yet decided to travel?

I would tell him/her that there is nothing to lose and everything to win. What he does not do for himself is not going to do it for him or her. Life is not what we were told it was. It is that and much more. You just have to find a passion, want to do it from the bottom of your heart and materialize it, without excuses, without “Nos” on the way.