It took me a few weeks to publish what had been my first visit to the neighboring country: Bolivia. The detail of the visit is in a video that I made, where the beauty of the landscape is appreciated:

Those who have been following some of my stories know that in my experience with customs and police I always have ‘some inconveniences’. No, I am not a fugitive from justice or from any international organization, but apparently I am always an easy target for investigation.

The day after visiting Copacabana I decided to visit another city in Bolivia: La Paz. From where I was, it was relatively easy to go. I had to go to Desaguadero, take a bus and was there after an hour and a half. ‘Papaya’ (as we Peruvians say, I thought). As I was leaving Copacabana, on August 4, I asked a policeman what I should do to cross the border: ‘Tomorrow you will have no problem, there are parades and it is a national celebration,’ he told me. ‘How lucky’ I thought. But luck was far from accompanying me.

Flor came with me to cross the border and take the bus. Since it was before 6am there were no staff on the Bolivian border. ‘The cop might have been right, I thought.’ And I took a bus. I was quietly admiring the landscape, when I saw: ‘Laja’. A friend told me that I had to get off in that city but it was not of my own free will that I had to stop.

The Bolivian police stopped the bus. ‘Documents’, he looked at me, and said, ‘Get out’. And I can only say that the supposed luck was not with me 🙁 . After a threat of deportation (again and now, from BOLIVIA), I had to pay a fine to be allowed to enter the neighboring country.

After getting up and down three buses with the pink suitcase, my laptop and my handbag, I arrived at the famous graveyard in La Paz, where I met Ani with whom I stayed  with. That afternoon I met my now friend Tercio who was riding on a motorcycle all the way from Brazil and who without knowing that a few weeks later I would see in Lima again. At night my friend Sergio picked me up to go to Casa Grande where i had an awesome view of the city and then to San Miguel area to enjoy the night of La Paz. The next day I returned to Desaguadero around noon to drive back to Tacna.

After resting and recovering the lost morale, I decided to visit another neighboring country: Chile. ‘Arica is near,’ I thought. This time it was much more organized. The taxi driver was in charge of guiding the whole process and crossed the border without any inconvenience. Finally!!

There was another friend, Gaston. We walked around the beaches and later tried a bit of Arica’s night. The next two days we went around the plaza, the streets of Arica and the hill.

I stayed at the Concorde Hotel on Calle General Velásquez 580. Super centrally located and highly recommended !!

It was 10 days where I was able to check again that the prejudices we have regarding some nationalities are just that, pre – judgments. As Mark Twain said and is one of the phrases that I highlight in my blog: Traveling is an exercise with fatal consequences for prejudice, intolerance and narrow-mindedness. On this trip, both my now Bolivian and Chilean friends were very kind to me !! I hope to see you soon again, thank you very much to everyone 🙂

Hug again and good trips!

Ari ♥