Digital entrepreneur. He left a 12-year career in the corporate world to have geographic freedom and dedícate to his own online projects.

Creator of the blog Camino Contracorriente, a project through which he helps people who want to leave their jobs that do not fulfill them and be more free.

In the following link, download Free your Ebook “Controla al dinero en tres pasos y escapa del trabajo que está matando tus sueños”. (available in Spanish)

  1. After moving to Mexico, where and when was your last trip?

Since, a year ago, I took as my base the City of Mexico, I have been able to travel a lot around the country. Four days ago I returned from Querétaro, a state of the central zone. I was surprised by their combination of culture, history, nature and economic development!

  1. How and at what age did your TRAVEL EXPERIENCE begin?

When I was little, with my parents and sister. With them I made several trips within Peru, and also some abroad. Also, because of my father’s work, I was lucky to live outside of Lima, my hometown.  Already in my college years, came the typical trips with friends and the opportunity to spend a few months in the USA, where I could practice my English.

  1. When you started traveling alone, what was your motive?

For a while, because I used to travel with friends or colleagues, I stayed in a bubble: Even though I knew different places, I stayed within my social environment. Until, in 2007, a trip to Brazil changed my focus completely. I had the opportunity to meet many people from different backgrounds and realities, with life stories completely different from mine. For some of them, the trips were not a simple parenthesis to break the routine, but were their true lifestyle. In that trip, in addition, I managed to integrate with the environment, with the culture, with the local; just as I had done in my childhood, when I was traveling with my parents. I think Brazil 2007 was the seed that gave rise to the way of life that I lead today, together with Jennifer, my wife; and to Santiago, my 2-year-old son.

  1. How many languages ​​do you speak? Did you ever find it difficult to communicate on a trip?

Spanish and English. And with that I managed to fix them … until now! At the end of next year we plan to start a round the world trip. It will be the longest trip and the farthest destinations we have made. I’ll tell you about the return, if we had problems with the language!

  1. Would you change anything about the trips you’ve made?

Absolutely nothing. Each one, with its high and low moments, has been unique and has given me memories that will accompany me for the rest of my life. Of course, not all experiences are as beautiful as one would like. While on a trip, I have lost flights, suffered robberies and heard bad news, like the death of a very dear person. However, you learn from everything.

  1. What do you ALWAYS wear in your suitcase?

Swimwear. You never know when you can find a beach, pool, lake or river!

  1. So far, what place has fascinated you?

What an unfair and difficult question! LOL! I’ll tell you the ones that come to mind at this moment, but I’m sure some of them will be left out. In Peru, although it sounds cliché, my favorite place is Cusco. Next year I hope to base there for a few months. Of the iconic destinations worldwide, I prefer Paris and Rio de Janeiro. And of the smallest or least known places; Tarragona, in Spain; Antigua, in Guatemala; and the incredible circuit of Magical Towns, in Mexico (although I still have many to know).

  1. Would you consider that travel has changed your life? If so, how?

Of course. In many aspects. Among other things, they have made me more tolerant, less prejudiced and have given me perspective. Today I understand that every human being, complex as he is, represents only a small grain of sand in the world. And now that I travel with Santiago, I want the traveling experience to teach him, from a young age, that all people are, in essence, equal and we are worth the same.

  1. What is your next destination?

Next week I have an express trip to Lima. I want to be there when the soccer team qualifies for the world cup! After that, maybe some short trip inside Mexico. And in January of 2018, a strong dish. Jennifer, Santiago and I, we will start a trip of approximately 4 months. We will go through what we still lack in Mexico, part of Central America & Caribbean, until we reach South America.

  1. Many people believe that traveling is a luxury, but we both know that it is part of a life experience. What would you recommend to a person who has not yet decided to travel?

Do not think about it so much Life happens. It is not going to be that one day you wake up and you realize that you do not have time. That you lost the desire and the energy to do everything you swore that “some day” you would do. If not now when?

  • Define your ideal life If traveling is important to you, include it!
  • Plan how you are going to reach that ideal life. What do you need to change?
  • Learn to manage money, so that it is your ally and not your enemy.
  • Be aware of your inner power. Fill your heart (and your backpack) with dreams. Play it for them.
  • In life, sometimes, you have to take the Camino Contracorriente.