Well, here we begin. This is the first time I post on my blog so I will try to make it brief. Obviously I will accept the criticisms but please keep in mind that I am an engineer …. and of the good ones !!!! If my literature teacher sees that I am writing maybe she will be proud of me … I think I have her in FB … so maybe I willl at least get one like.

I think that those who know me know that last year I had a very difficult period. When you go through a situation like the one I went through I think it’s a proof that life it’s worth enjoying. With that I am not saying that you should leave your job, your responsibilities and adopt the policy of a former Peruvian congresswoman “Live life and do not let life live you”, not at all. But yes, the EXPERIENCES of life that mark us, remain forever with us. For better or worse. In my case, what I now want to share with you is my dashing but wonderful travel experience.

Madurodam (The Netherlands), 2000

At 16 I had the opportunity to travel to Europe as an exchange student for one year. I think that all people who have that experience, know what that means, and that it is something unique and wonderful. At that age, you do not know about responsibilities and your biggest concern is what you are going to do the weekend or if you gained a few pounds because you ate too much, but not only that, you live in another town and besides, you are with 70 other guys of more than 10 different nationalities in a country whose language, you can not speak. It was there when I first traveled to 8 countries in Europe. This completely different experience for a young woman of my age was the main reason why I was always open to meet people with other cultures and nationalities.

Paris (France), 2000

When I returned to my country, at 17, I decided to start studying. Because of the relationship I had at that time I traveled to Europe at least once a year, which allowed me to continue traveling. Years passed and then at work I had a position that also let me travel. Later, with more experience I traveled for leisure in South America and for work to the US and Australia. Last year I stopped working and it was when thinking about how to move on with my career different opportunities appeared.

Alps (Switserland), 2000

In February I had to decided to go or not to the wedding of a very good friend in Guatemala. It is someone I care very much and with whom I really wanted to spend that special moment. It was there that the grandmother of one of the families with whom I lived in Holland passed away. Despite being away, that made me sad and that was what motivated me to see that family again. There began this adventure that lasted a month with nine days, so far.

Venice (Italy), 2000


One day at the beach with a good friend, while we ate a good ‘cebiche and chicharrón’ like Peruvians do, I told him that my trip to Amsterdam made a stop in Houston. He told me he had family there! So I pushed him (not to say I forced) to buy his ticket to go visit them. He took his cell phone, and as things are done today, with an app he bought his ticket. So we also spend sometime together in the US.


Seine river cruise (France), 2000

For those of us who have traveled since a young age, we know what it is to have that travel experience. It is very different every time you do it. In Europe, for example, each country has its own peculiarities. Last week I got lost in Paris and felt the same way I felt when I was 17 and I ended up at Hoek van Holland instead of Bergen op Zoom in the Netherlands. But going to those different places, listening to a strange language that you do not understand and enjoying human warmth when someone helps you out and the only thing you can say is “Je suis perdue” is something wonderful. I definitely think I made the right decision when I decided to travel again.